6 July 2016
We have adjusted the site to fit our new business model.
We have adjusted our focus to helping independent bands reach a bigger audience. To becoming the place where the audience can discover new bands.
Please check out our For bands section.

13 April 2015

We are very excited to announce that the Dutch punkrockers F.U.A. Band have joined the Meat Community!

For the moment only their t-shirts are added to the Webshop, because their demo has sold out. But they are working hard on their first album!

F.U.A. Band was founded in 2011 and consists of 5 friends who just want to drink beer and rock. They love playing live and have proven to be able to start a party. 

You can check them out here:

Do you have a independent band and want to join the Meat Community? Send us an e-mail! 
You can check out what the Meat Community is here: 
Meat Community

30 March 2015

We are currently working on some exciting plans for the future!
We want to start the "Meat Community". In this community we want to bring metal bands together and connect them with each other, with venues to play, with media to promote, and much more in the future.

To start we want to offer independent bands the opportunity to sell their CD's and Merch through our webshop. We also have a working digital distribution now. So we can also offer to help put your music on iTunes, Spotify and all the rest.

This is just a very humble start. But we have big dreams.

So does your band want to join this community? Send me an e-mail: rebecca@meatrackords.com

Of course we also welcome all bands, promoters, bookers, labels etc. etc. who want to pitch in or have ideas to contact us.

21 April 2014

Meat Rackords now also offers cosignment deals! Do you have an unsigned band and have you released your own material? Meat Rackords can help you sell your CD's and other merch. 

Contact us to work out the details!

Our first add to the shop is the 1999 demo from cult death/black metalband Deitys Flesh! You can find it in the shop now!

31 March 2014

We are very happy to announce that Last Fear has joined the Meat Rackords family.

This death metal band from Purmerend, the Netherlands has been around since 1996. But with the addition of vocalist Lisa Leerkamp they have really taken it to the next level. In sound as well as in stage performance. 

We at Meat Rackords believe that Last Fear is not only very good, but also a band with the right, professional attitude and therefore will go far in the metal scene. They are a great addition to our label and we are proud that they decided to join us.

13 January 2014

The To Hell With Cancer Festival was a great success. I again want to thank all the people who helped to make this the wonderful party it was:
- The bands
- Don, Yanni, Barbara, Elise, Sonja, Patricia, Hans and Nima for helping on the day of the festival
- All the people of the P3 (especially the volunteers who worked their butts of)
- Everyone who worked on the Metalbabes calendar.
- And of course all the people who came and partcipated, donated, rocked and drank!

I will make the final amount that we collected public as soon as possible.

24 november 2013

The Metal Babes Calendar can be pre-ordered! A fantastic calendar with beautiful metal babes. The profits go the the cancer research of the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital.
Learn more about the calender here: Metal Babes Calendar
Order your copy here: Webshop

Other news about the festival:
Act of State sadly had to cancel. But we found a great Black Metal band to replace them: Evil Oath (http://www.eviloath.com/)

Auction items are starting to come in. Chainsaw is auctioning off their first pig and we got a Megadeth t-shirt signed by Mr Mustaine himself.
More items are very welcome!

9 September 2013

The To Hell with Cancer festival is coming along great. 
We're receiving a lot of support from people and bands. For which I can't thank them enough.

If you want to know more about the festival, check out de dedicated section of this site To Hell With Cancer 2013

If you want to help, send me a message: Contact us.

26 August 2013

On 21 December 2013 Meat Rackords is organising a festival to raise money for cancer research. All proceeds of this night will go to the research facility of the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital.

This hospital is specialized in treating cancer and has a new project to set up a database with different types of cancer on dna-level. So that in the future cancer can be treated on dna-level and treatments can be catered to the specific kind of cancer a person has. Because every kind of cancer is different.
For more information about this charity: http://www.antonivanleeuwenhoek.nl/acties/22

The festival is called: To Hell With Cancer and will be held at the P3 in Purmerend.
Bands confirmed so far are:
- Chainsaw
- Act of State
- Montany
- Last Fear

For more information about this festival go to the festival page on the left or click on this link:

13 February 2013

As of today it's easier to pay for your orders in the webshop. We've added the possibilty to pay through iDeal and PayPal.

20 December 2012

Oh Hell Yeah! The new Chainsaw album arrived yesterday! Just in time for the apocalypse.

Remember people: it is a limited (and numbered) edition. So the sooner you pay, the lower your number!

Order it in the webshop or send me a message. 

24 November 2012

Some long awaited news on the new Chainsaw album!

Everything has been recorded and mastered and the album is being pressed as we speak!

The album will be available on LP and as download (of course the buyers of the LP will receive the download for free).

We hope to release the album in time for the end of the world (the rising of Cthulu and/or the zombie apocalypse). But just in case the world doesn't end, there will be a release party in our home town of Purmerend (NL) on January 5th. http://www.p3purmerend.nl/chainsaw-album-release/

This release party will be something special. There will be guest singers, guest drummers, new show props and new show characters! All in all something you have to see!

See our webshop for pre-ordering the album. You can pick it up the the release party, or I'll send by mail as soon as they're in.

Welcome to the all new Meat Rackords Website.
We made it easier to shop for you and are offering some new features as well.
Later this year we'll release the long awaited Chainsaw album "15 years down the meat isle". Including some classics re-recorded and some brand new songs. It will be available on a limited edition LP with downloadable extra's. So check this website regularly.
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Do you have a band and want to sell your record through our webshop or could you use help getting gigs in the Netherlands, please contact us through the contact-page of this website.